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Hello there,

Glad you are here! Get to know more about me and the story behind Gracefully Spoken! Check it out below

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The Gracefully Story

Originally, Gracefully Spoken began as journal entries. Entries that were filled with prayers, hopes, struggles, and words of encouragement. In 2019, as an undergraduate student, in the last semester of college, I was uncertain of my future. I turned to journaling as an outlet to give me hope to continue pushing forward. Little did I know that those same entries would be used in a greater way. 

In February 2020, I turned my entries into a website that encouraged and inspired people through lifestyle, travel, and business blogs. From there, it led to opening my first online shop of journals for men and women and the featured product: "I'm Living on Purpose" T-shirts. 


My name is Rachel Richardson and my mission is to use my writing to encourage others to endure! Whether you're starting a business, writing a book, or in need of encouragement; my hope is that every day you find a reason to build your life on purpose!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.