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Hello Gracefully Reader!

I hope you are having an amazing week! Possibly getting ready for Fall!! Yes... I am still excited about the fall.

More importantly, I hope that you are enjoying this series. If you haven't read last week's blog post (go back and read it!)

I started out this series with Your Best Is Waiting and it summed up everything dealing with change, expectation and the willingness to push yourself forward!

This post was inspired by some of my followers on my Gracefully Instagram account.

I created a poll and I asked a question: When are you at your best?

The two options/answers were: When I look my best vs. When I push myself for better

What I found interesting about both sets is that everyone whether they wanted to admit it or not would've probably chosen both. When you are looking your best physically you have more push and drive to do better.

I asked this because I believe that there has to be an inward self-evaluation before any physical manifestation can ever take place. Beginning with where you are now, where do you see yourself in the following categories:

Being Confident in God

Where is your confidence? For some, it can be only their looks, money, influence. Our confidence should really be invested in God. Our confidence in God will set a foundation for confidence in every area of our lives. Simply put, trusting and leaning on God in every situation (good or bad). By reading God's word, worshipping, praying etc. this fills us up spiritually so we can physically move in confidence.

Being Comfortable With Who I Am

How comfortable are you being yourself? Self-love is necessary because it shows that you are comfortable with who you are. Whether that is your looks, your quirkiness, your personality, etc. Being comfortable with who you are is something a lot of people struggle with because we have regrets, past hurt, struggles and more. However, looking past those flaws you are still someone who is loved and valuable. Know your worth and know that you are here for a reason!

Willingness to Change for Better

If you can change one habit, what would it be? Creating a new routine for yourself to help you excel further is a great way to start becoming your best version. This can be cutting out social media, spending more time with God, exercising more, etc. These small steps will soon transfer into big change for the better.

Take some time this week to asses these areas. And what steps you want to take to change for the better, let me know how these blogs have helped you and reach out on Instagram!

Until next time fam,

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