God is presenting you...

are you ready?

God has had me on this self-care series, however God lead me speak specfically about presentation. More importantly, when God is preparing you for your reveal.

There will come a time when God will call you to start your purpose/assignment in life. Sometimes, we can sense when God is pulling on us and other times, we may not hear (or want to hear God) when God says it's time.

One of the many reasons most people are hesitant about stepping into their purpose is because they feel inadequate.

Some of the reasons can be:

- I don't have the skills

- I don't have the money

- I don't have the time

- I don't want people to look at me differently

... and the list goes on

Maybe this list sounds familar to you, maybe this is something you have told yourself at some point of your life.

What God wants you to know is that He is presenting you and he wants to make sure that when you are being presented, you are ready to be used by Him. What I mean by ready, I don't mean ready by the world's standards, but God's.

But I want to remind you: God knows what you have and don't have and this still will not stop the call. When he calls you, no person, place or thing will be able to stop it

Gideon was a perfect example of this: Let's look at Judges 6:12:

"When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, 'The Lord is with you, mighty warrior'

Now... what's so ironic is God was calling Gideon a mighty warrior when Gideon was:

-in hiding

- fearful

- doubtful

- identifying himself as the least of his family

(*I HIGHLY recommend reading over Judges 6*)

Does this sound familiar?

So...what excuses do we have again? God knows when it's time and while we, like Gideon can only identify ourselves through what we lack God can only speak to what we will become.

Stop doubting, and start believing . Get ready for God to present you!

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