Hello Gracefully Reader!

Happy 2021!! I know it's been a while since we've spoken but I am so ready for this New Year! I honestly needed a break to recover and focus ( I mean after last year, who doesn't, right?)

That being said, I'm kicking off this new year with the "Self-Care Series". What better way to start off a New Year with some designated time to invest in oneself. However, this series is going to inspire you, encouarge you and also challenge you to search deep within yourself.

While I was praying about this series, God took me through my own areas where I needed to take better self-care in my life and this series is just the pages of my journey as God is leading me to better self-care.

I want you to throw out all you know about self-care for right now (you know the basics: style, hygiene, fashion, dieting, exercise, etc). Although these areas are important, (and we will get those areas) they are not as important as spiritual self-care.

Spiritual self-care is taking the time to invest in your spirit. This can be through taking devotional time, meditation, and other practices. This is important because your spiritual energy is compelling and alluring to other people.

Have you ever meet someone and you immeditely felt bad vibes from them? It was as if they radiated negative energy before even speaking to you. How is this possible? You felt it in the spirit before they ever uttered a word!

(If you never met someone with bad vibes, then that person might be you, sorry)

No, but really think about it. We sense other people's spirits without even recognizing it. Then we wonder why we walk away feeling more encouraged and empowered or confused and distressed.

We are all spiritual beings, we know this because God literally breathed His Spirit into us

( Everyone on this Earth, not just Christians)

In Genesis 2:7 it states:

"And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being" (NKJV)

Now that we know how important our spiritual bodies are...

Ask youself: How have I been feeding my spirit?

(I'm not talking about food), I mean what spiritual habits have you been adding into this new year?

Have you been spending more time reading God's word? Praying? Worshipping? Or have you already decided to kick start the year with the same unfruitful habits?

**(Let that sink in for a minute because I had to think about what I had already said I wasn't going to do and started doing it!)

Well, not this year!! NO, this year we are going to challenge ourselves (yes, we are in this together!)

I want to challenge you to take 5 mins out the day to realign your spirit. Get a notebook, a calender something and schedule 5 minutes a day to do something for your spiritual growth. This can be worshipping, writing, praying, singing, etc. whatever God places on your heart to do.

(I will be doing this as well). Do this for a week and track your progress and watch the changes you start to have along the way. )

Feel free to reach out on instagram if need be, for any tips/advice. Have a blessed week and until next time Grace Fam...